Pneumatics is the use of pressurized gas to affect mechanical motion.
Pneumatics is that branch of technology, which deals with the study and application of use of pressurized gas to affect mechanical motion.
Pneumatic power is used in industry, where factory machines are commonly plumbed for compressed air; other compressed inert gases can also be used. Pneumatics also has applications in dentistry, construction, mining, and other areas.

Examples of pneumatic systems and components

* Air brakes on buses and trucks
* Air brakes, on trains
* Air compressors
* Air engines for pneumatically powered vehicles
* Barostat systems used in Neurogastroenterology and for researching electricity
* Cable jetting, a way to install cables in ducts
* Compressed-air engine and compressed-air vehicles
* Gas-operated reloading
* Holman Projector, a pneumatic anti-aircraft weapon
* Lego pneumatics can be used to build pneumatic models

* Pipe organs:
o Electro-pneumatic action
o Tubular-pneumatic action

* Pneumatic actuator
* Pneumatic air guns
* Pneumatic cylinder
* Pneumatic Launchers, a type of spud gun
* Pneumatic mail systems
* Pneumatic motor
* Pneumatic tire

* Pneumatic tools:
o Pneumatic drill (jackhammer) used by road workers
o Pneumatic nailgun

* Pressure regulator
* Pressure sensor
* Pressure switch
* Switch
* Vacuum pump
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