Soal dan Jawaban UAS Karet dan Plastik

1. Natural polymers are available in nature. Could you write several examples of natural polymers and their applications (UAS no 1 090824)


Silk: is applied mainly for expensive textiles
Natural rubber: is applied for many different industrial application such as tires, gaskets, belts etc
Wool: is applied mainly for textiles, jackets and winter clothes
Wood: is applied for furniture, timber and construction
Celluloses: are applied for paper, food etc
Starches: are applied for food and recently it is used for fuel as well
Proteins: are mainly for food

2. When thermal energy is applied on polymer materials, they will show two different effects that are thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. Could you explain what thermoplastic and thermosetting are and what is the different between them? (UAS no 2 090824)
Thermoplastic polymers: They can be softened or plasticized repeatedly on application of thermal energy, without much change in properties if treated with certain precautions, e.g. polyolefins, polystyrene, nylons, linear polyesters and polyethers, poly vinyl chloride, etc. They normally remain soluble and fusible after many cycles of heating and cooling. Thermoplastic polymers can normally be recycled.

Thermosetting polymers: They can be obtained in soluble and fusible forms in early or intermediate stages of theirs synthesis, but they get set or cured and become insoluble and infusible when further heated or thermally treated, the curing or setting process involves chemical reactions leading to further growth and cross linking of the polymer chain molecules and producing giant molecules, e.g. phenolic resins, urea/melamine resins, epoxy resins, diene rubbers, unsaturated polyesthers, etc.. Thermosetting polymers cannot normally be recycled.

3. Could you explain different kind of plastics and their application in the daily life? (UAS no 3 090824)
Polyethylene: is widely used in daily life such as moulded or formed objects, films, sheets, bottles and containers, pipes and tubes, and in wire insulation and cables.
Polypropylene: is used in the form of moulded and formed objects, sheets and films, bristles, monofilaments and fibres, covering such items as luggage, frames containers and different packaging items, ropes, textiles, tows and nets, pipes and tubes, etc
Polystyrene is used in packaging and shock absorbing application, in thermal insulation, and as acoustic improvers in hall and auditoria
Polymethil methacrylate is used for automotive tail lamp and signal light lenses, jewellery, lense of optical equipment and contact lenses
Polyvinylchloride is used in chemical plants and equipments, storage tanks, building items, pipes, sheets, specific moulded objects and containers

4. Could you explain advantages and disadvantages of both natural and synthetic rubbers? Please, write down several examples of synthetic rubbers? (UAS no 4 090824)
Natural rubber:
• Flexible
• Elastic
• Environmental friendly (biodegradable)
• Raw material is easy to get
• Normally weaker then synthetic rubber
• Less consistent due to the season and place
• More expensive
• Easy to react

Synthetic rubber:

• Strong
• Large range of synthetic material
• Consistent
• Cheaper

• Less flexible
• less elastic
• Fracture
• Not environmental friendly (non biodegradable material)

Examples of synthetic rubbers:
Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), Polychloroprene Rubber (CR), Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR), Isobutyl rubber (IIR), Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM), Polysulphide rubber (PSR) dst


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